Charity Work

Bonnie supports many charities and charitable causes, although she tends to focus on children’s charities, in particular The Variety Club of Great Britain, Childline, Great Ormond Street Hospital and the CDLS Foundation.

The Cornelia de Lange Syndrome foundation was set up and is run by families and supporters of those affected by the condition. CdLS affects just one child in 40,000, believed to be caused by a mutant gene, researchers in both the UK and the USA are working hard to identify the gene. As it is so rare, diagnosis can take a very long time – even years.

CdLS people have both physical and mental disabilities, all have learning difficulties to some degree. Communication is a major problem for CdLS people, many have problems speaking and use sign language to communicate, whilst those who can speak are shy and have difficulties in being understood. One thing many of the children have in common is a love of music and music therapy is highly beneficial in helping with communication and social skills.